Highest Quality Digital Billboards in Cookeville

Highest Quality Digital Billboards in Cookeville







Highest Quality Digital Billboards

At Roland Digital Media we provide a superior digital product in our Cookeville and surrounding markets. All of our digital billboards are manufactured by industry leading Watchfire Signs in Danville, IL. An American company that has been around since 1932. They strive to produce only the best looking, longest lasting digital billboards in the market. We have been using their digital billboards since 2009, when we installed our very first one on Jefferson Ave. at the El Tapatio. This billboard, being nearly 7 years old, still looks as good as it did the day we installed it.

Energy efficient

Choose a billboard company that has the earth in mind. Watchfire uses only high efficiency components. The average energy usage of a Watchfire sign is about 1/3 of the maximum amperage requirement. Watchfire was also the first in the industry to be UL Energy Efficiency Verified.

Little or No Down Time

All of our digitals are linked with high tech hardware and software that alert us instantly if there is a power outage or error. We can correct errors instantaneously by phone or computer anywhere in the world. We have a full time service team that knows the ins and outs of digital billboards. We pride ourselves on making sure your ads are always running when you need them to be.

Sharper Images

Not all digital billboards are created equal. The first factor is a quality product. The second is the resolution of the unit. Our billboards have more LED’s than most other companies. Why? Because we want your ads to look as good as possible. When you advertise on our digital billboards you can always count on your ads having bright vibrant images and crisp, easy-to-read  text.

The Choice is Easy

When considering advertising on digital billboards, consider this:

• Roland Digital Media has the highest quality
• We are local and American made
• We have been in the advertising industry for 30+ years

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