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Draw Real-Time Business with Your Digital Billboard


What if you were…

…a retailer that could advertise the need for an item based on the weather?

digital billboard


…a radio station that lets people driving by tune in to what’s playing now?

digital billboard cookeville


…a hospital that lets patients know they can see a doctor quickly?

digital billboard cookeville


…a mechanic that could let people know there isn’t much of a wait for an oil change?

digital billboard cookeville


…a business that wanted your social media efforts to go past personal screens onto a bigger screen?

digital billboard cookeville


a sports team or sports fan that wanted to let people know the score for a big game?

digital billboard cookeville


If any of the above looks or sounds intriguing, there’s good news. Thanks to the magic of the internet and forward-thinking product designers, companies like Watchfire Signs have programmed their digital billboards to support something called “dynamic content” – content that can change according to live feeds with customized information.

Instead of displaying the static image typical of outdoor advertising, technology now allows business owners to change up their advertising based on real-time conditions like the examples given above. You can communicate specific messages to your customers based on time, temperature, social media streams, countdowns for specific events, and more.

How could this change your advertising landscape? What can you dream up to tell your customers what you’re up to right now?

Take some time to ponder; we’re here to help you make it a reality.

Digital Billboards: Optimizing Content & Design

Thinking about getting a digital billboard? Already have one but not sure what to put on the giant screen of LEDs? Here are some tips for maximizing your digital billboard space when it comes to content and design.

Create a Campaign

Sit down with your marketing team and brainstorm a little bit. What do you want to highlight at your business? What are your goals for advertising? What kind of message do you want to convey? What time of year is it? These are all important questions that should be asked during a campaign design session.

Based on your answers to the questions above, put together several ads that can be used in rotation to highlight your message. Here is an example of a campaign from a staffing agency who wanted to highlight their ability to match the right person with the right career:

Express Emp - Job Mate Express Emp - Compatability Express Emp - Career HarmonyCall your billboard or advertising agency for ideas if you’re not sure where to start, or ask them to mock up a design for you based on your ideas.

Keep it Simple

Remember, people are passing by in their cars or stopped at a light – they won’t have the time or attention span to look for details. Stick to one message or theme per ad and try not to clutter it up with too much information.

casual dress billboard2

Catch their attention, get your message across, and make sure they know the name of your company. Many people will do a web search for your business if you do catch their attention, so make sure you are easily searchable on the internet.

Bright Colors

Use at least one bright, eye-catching color to capture attention. In the words of Roland Digital Media owner Dave Roland, “without red, it’s dead.”

putnam coop_2014_board_1


Incorporate Branding

Use your company logos, colors, and taglines to create and solidify recognition. If you don’t have an overall branding strategy, think about creating one with your marketing team or consulting a marketing agency.


Make ‘Em Laugh

Funny and clever ads are easily remembered and create a positive reaction for the viewer. Caution – using obscure or obscene humor can do the opposite and create a negative reaction, so be careful when choosing your ha-has.

Express Emp - Dont Settle

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

Keep things fresh by updating ads every 2-4 weeks. If possible, rotate your ads each month on different billboards within your service area to gain new exposure.

With a few tips and some creativity and thought, your digital billboard will go a long way for you.

Questions? Feel free to get in touch with us –

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