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Roland Advertising specializes in billboard advertising in the middle Tennessee area. We offer a variety of options including static, tri-vision, and digital outdoor advertising. With 30+ years of marketing experience the Roland name has become synonymous with successful business marketing. Contact us today to discuss how to increase your business traffic by leaps and bounds! Read More

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Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect pairs blackjack from Felt Gaming is one of the most popular online blackjack variations. Felt Gaming is well-known in the industry for their table game innovations. They create authentic looking games for the online industry. Their interactive user-face and cutting-edge graphics offer players hours of entertainment.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Explained

Perfect Pairs is based on the classic game of 21. Players compete against the dealer to build the stronger blackjack hand. In this variation, players also have the option of an additional side bet – a Perfect Pairs side bet. This side bet gives players an extra chance of winning. It is an optional bet on the first two cards dealt being a pair.

The game https://casinopokiesurf.com/ uses six decks of 52 cards. When playing on desktop, players have the choice to play up to three hands in a single round. However, on mobile, only one hand can be played.

Perfect Pairs Rules and Features

  • Natural blackjack pays 3:2
  • Number of card decks used: 6
  • Up to 3 hands are available on desktop
  • Insurance bets available
  • Players are able to split
  • Option is hit split aces
  • Players can double their bets, and double after splitting
  • Side bets are available

Playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack

  • To start a round of Perfect Pairs Blackjack, players are required to place standard blackjack bets.
  • These bets will be placed in the circles on the table. For desktop, there are three circles, one for each possible hand. If players only want to play one hand, they will place a bet in only one circle.
  • Once these bets are placed, players will press deal.
  • Before cards are dished out, they will be prompted to place their Perfect Pairs Bets. If players want to place these bets, they will place their bets in the Perfect Pairs circle above the original betting circle.
  • Cards will then be dealt, and the round will start.
  • Card cards are dealt face up in this variation; players will receive their cards first.
  • Like in a game of classic blackjack, players will have the chance to hit or stand on each hand.

Blackjack Hand Outcomes in Perfect Pairs

  • If the dealer gets a natural blackjack, players have the option of an insurance bet.
  • If the dealer does not have a natural 21 hand and players wagered on the insurance bet, players will lose this bet. Players can still carry on playing the round with their cards.
  • Players can hit to receive an additional card or stand with their original two cards. This step will be repeated until all the hands a player is playing is complete.
  • The dealer will then play out their round.
  • Once the dealer is satisfied with their final hand, the round will end.
  • All hands will be revealed.
  • Payouts will be made for the relevant winning hands; all losing bets will be collected.

Try Perfect Pairs for Free or Real Money

Perfect Pairs blackjack from Felt. If you prefer playing in silence, Felt gives players to the option to disable the game sounds. Shuffle up your blackjack games with this Perfect Pairs blackjack game!