How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Billboard Campaign

Digital billboards provide the technology to create customizable flexibility in outdoor advertising. With these digital boards, the advertiser is able to tailor a message or multiple messages according to time of day, seasons, holidays and other special dates and events. Our displays allow crisp images and colors that catch the attention of those driving by. Plus, campaigns can easily be rotated between different billboard locations to extend and diversify audience reach. The possibilities are endless!

The following are best practices to get the most out of your digital billboard campaign:

 Content and Design

• Create a campaign with several different ads and rotate them in your slot

•  Focus on customizing content according to holidays, community events, time of day, and seasons

•  Keep it simple – remember, people are passing by in their cars, often at high speed or stopped at a light – they won’t have time to look for a long time

•  Stick to one message or theme per ad

•  Use at least one bright, eye-catching color

•  Incorporate your branding – logos, colors – to create and solidify recognition

•  Funny and clever ads are easily remembered


•  Keep everything updated and fresh – create new ads every 2-4 weeks

•  Rotate your ads to different locations once a month to reach more people

Things to Avoid

•  Too much clutter or wordiness – remember, less is more when it comes to billboards

•  Negative messaging – always portray the positive side of things. For instance, if you are a clinic specializing in treatment of depression, portray a patient who has received treatment and feels better

•  Archaic humor that may be offensive or misunderstood – unless you are trying to reach a niche market, stick with humor that most people will “get.” Using humor that is overly sarcastic or specialized may create a negative impression

Stick with the tips above and you are on your way to having a successful, well-rounded digital billboard campaign.

Questions to ask yourself about your billboard design:

  • Can the message be more succinct?
  • Rule of thumb: maximum copy, seven words!
  • In outdoor design, “less is more”.
  • Is the typeface legible?
  • Does the letter S P A C I N G (or kearning) read at distance?
  • Is it strong and clear?
  • Is the graphic singular?
  • Is the visual content unified?
  • Is the image powerful?
  • Is the read good?
  • Is your poster recognizable at a distance?
  • Is the brand name or logo readable at a distance?
  • Is the optimum achieved?
  • Are the colors attractive?
  • Is the contrast compelling?
  • Color combinations affect apparent size and readability.
  • Are production issues clear?
  • Does your printer know your exact needs?
  • Is your art optimized for your printer’s needs?
  • Is the art suitable for extreme enlargement?

How to Design Billbaords

 Billboard Design Specs

• 10’6” x 24′ Wrap or Trivision

Design at 10.5″ x 24″ at 350 dpi. Include an additional .5″ all around for bleed. CYMK color mode.

• 10’6” x 36′ Wrap or Trivision

Design at 10.5″ x 36″ at 350 dpi. Include an additional .5″ all around for bleed. CYMK color mode.

• 10’6” x 24′ Digital

Design at 1104 x 480 pixels at 72 dpi. RGB color mode.

• 9′ x 35′ Digital

Design at 1080 x 278 pixels at 72 dpi. RGB color mode.

• 6′ x 12′ Digital

Design at 1000 x 500 pixels at 72 dpi. RGB color mode.