Weekend Wanderings

Hello friends! Are you eager for the weekend? After a couple of chilly days, the forecast is showing delightful weather this weekend. We’ve rounded up a few things you might want to do:

Saturday, Feb 27

Go for a guided hike at Big South Fork Natural River & Recreation area – there are two to choose from:

Join a Ranger on a Healthy Hike along John Litton Trail to the Fall Branch Waterfall on Saturday, February 27th at 10 am (ET). Meet the Bandy Creek trailhead (swimming pool parking lot) located on Bandy Creek Campground for an easy to moderate 4 mile hike along this beautiful trail.


Hike with a Ranger on Saturday, February 27th at 1 pm (ET). This 5 mile moderately strenuous round trip hike will take place on the Alley Ford section of Cumberland Trail. Meet at Rock Creek Campground and be sure to wear weath-er appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome.

Call 423-286-7275 for more information or head over to their website or Facebook page.

The Davenport Brothers are playing this Saturday at the Sutton General Store in Granville. Always a great place for a down-home southern dinner and awesome bluegrass.

Get rowdy and support our TTU basketball team against Eastern Kentucky at 7:30 pm. Check the schedule and buy tickets here.

Enjoy classical music at the Bryan Fine Arts Center by guest artists the Premru Quartet, 6:30 pm.

Now, for some goodies from the internet:

Spice up your morning with these chorizo and scrambled egg breakfast tacos. 

For your viewing entertainment, young children winning at intense athletic feats. 

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with just relaxing, so:

feet up weekend

Who Should I Advertise To?

One of the challenges many small business owners face is creating fresh, effective advertising that is relevant to their company. One solution that can help navigate this difficulty is figuring out who your target market, or ideal customer is.

You may think, “I want to get my product or service to as many people as possible – my ideal customer is everyone.” However, chances are there is a certain segment or type of person that your product appeals to and is more likely to purchase. These are the individuals you want to focus more of your marketing efforts on.

Defining an ideal customer can be difficult, but once you get a feel for who they are, you can target your marketing and advertising efforts more effectively. Below, we’ll list a few ways you can start finding and catering to your ideal customer:

Think about your current customers. 

Who are your long-standing customers who you have a great relationship with? Who are the types of people that seem to fit best with your company?Anything in common amongst the people you have coming in the door? Peruse your current customer list and think about characteristics they have in common.

Write down a list of common or desired traits as it pertains to your business.

What is the age range? Income level? Gender? What are their challenges and frustrations (this can be just as important as their likes)? Are they employed? Are they a business owner? What are specific personality traits they might have? What does their personal life look like? Depending on your business, ask the right questions you need to know and compile a list of what the answers would be for your ideal customer. If you have different types of customers that use your product, create this list for all of the different customer segments you would serve.

Understand how and where they spend time and make purchasing decisions.

Once you have a better understanding of who your ideal customer is, think about where they spend time and how they consume information and make purchasing decisions – both online and offline.

Collect data and gather information.

Writing down thoughts and observations can be useful, but nothing beats collecting data and gathering information from the source. Run reports on your current customer data to extract similarities and trends. Send out a survey or hold a focus group and analyze the results; provide an incentive for people to participate.

Create an ideal customer profile for your business. For instance, ours might look something like this:

Pete Pringle is 45. He is a successful small business owner who is still very involved in the daily operation of his business. He has had a digital billboard for the last three years and enjoys the comments he receives about it from his customers. However, between managing the different aspects of his business, being active at his church, and juggling a family with three children, he is not interested in coming up with creative new content for his billboards and often feels they are stale. He’s an active part of the community, participates in networking groups, and also spends time checking Facebook, opening emails that catch his eye, and perusing the local newspaper online. 

As the business, we would likely reach this person by making in-person contact at a community or network event and also make good, informational online content available to him that catches his eye. It would be worth our time to advise on advertising campaigns and work with Pete and his staff regularly yet efficiently to keep content fresh and interesting for both him and his customers.

The challenge of developing your advertising campaign is very real. However, once you can get a handle on who it is you are or should be advertising to, it can steer your content and methods in a positive direction.

We’re available for questions anytime, just get in touch.

Weekend Wanderings: Feb 20 & 21 (and beyond)

Happy Friday! You did a great job this week. Now, for the weekend. Forecast is showing weather to be in the 60s (downright tropical!) with about a halfway chance of rain. No matter, you can still enjoy yourself. Here are a few things going on this weekend, and a few things we thought you might be interested in planning ahead on:
  • The much anticipated Father Daughter Date Night is happening this weekend, although it is sold out. However, they may still have some tickets for Feb 26 – call Cara Sheets 520-5297.
  • Stop in at Poet’s Coffee on Broad street and then carry on to the library, open 10 am – 5 pm on Saturday for some good books or videos to take home.  Or, you can head downtown to the Cookeville History Museum where they are having their Star Wars Exhibit, full of vintage Star Wars collectibles. They are open from 10 am – 4 pm.
  • Need to get the kids somewhere to get out their energy during spring break? Sign them up for basketball camp March 28 – April 01.
  • Feel like having a refreshing workout? Head over to Synergy Yoga, they’ve got Power Yoga and Pilates on Saturday mornings.
  • Want something more brisk than yoga or pilates? Sign up for a race at Cummins Falls next weekend and help raise money for our parks at the same time – 5K, half marathon, full marathon.
  • If you’re itching for some work and fresh air and don’t mind the rain, volunteer to help the Cumberland Trail on Saturday at Rock Creek Campground in the Big South Fork Natural River and Recreation Area. Meet at 9 am and enjoy a day of trail work and hiking along the 2.5 mile section of Cumberland Trail between Rock Creek Campground and Alley Ford. Dress appropriately for the weather, wear sturdy shoes/boots, and bring work gloves, lunch, and plenty of water. Call 423-286-7275 for more information.
  • Enjoy a full belly and good bluegrass music in Granville at the Sutton General Store – the Hamilton County Ramblers are playing this weekend.
  • Some beautiful music will also be happening at the Bryan Fine Arts Center on the TTU campus as the Mastersingers perform their Mid-Winter Concert Sunday at 3:00 pm. Tickets are $10.
Here is a delicious breakfast casserole recipe – the best part? You can put it together the night before and just pop it in the oven in the morning.
And for your entertainment, this video about childhood crushes.

That’s all folks! Have a wonderful, amazing weekend and we’ll see you soon.

Handling Negative Comments and Reviews on Social Media

If you have any social media accounts for your organization or business, chances are you have encountered zealously opinionated or unhappy people commenting on your page or posts or leaving negative reviews. Whether there are grounds for the comment or not, it is difficult to handle; someone is bashing your business in a very public way.

First of all, don’t panic. And don’t delete the comment as if it’s never happened. Part of the authenticity of social media is the interaction you can have with people who have both good and bad things to say about your company. Look at negative comments in a positive light and respond graciously – it helps you build credibility and good will for your brand when you handle them well. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

Don’t Panic or Get Angry

Doing these things puts you in a defensive position and increases the likelihood of responding with an answer you’ll regret later.  Angry responses by the business can be viewed as unprofessional or unpleasant by social media onlookers and create a poor impression of you and your business in their minds. Take time to calm down, remove your personal emotions from the situation, and come back to it or delegate the response if necessary.

Think About the Person and Situation (objectively)

What actually happened? What is the unhappy person really trying to say or express? Are they rightfully upset about their treatment, asking for validation, trying to get free stuff, or do they work for the competition? Sometimes people feel insignificant and slighted and saying things online is an easy way to soothe the feeling of being “unheard” without being confrontational in person.

Craft a Response According to the Root Issue

After you have determined the core of the complaint, craft a response from there. Thank them for their comment, explain your side of things, apologize when appropriate or as a goodwill offering, and then offer a solution. It’s a good practice to record the conversation somewhere, whether on a document you create or via a social media management software.

Does that all sound a little broad and vague? Here are some more specific fictional examples – we chose a pizza place to illustrate our point:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.06.20 AM

Hopefully, this gives you a better grasp on responding to negative social media comments and the power of a positive response – remember, this is an instance you have control to take the bad and turn it around for the good of your brand integrity and business.

If you have any questions that pertain to your business specifically, feel free to get in touch with us – sindy@rolandadvertising.com

Weekend Wanderings: Things to Do This Weekend

The forecast is showing chilly but sunny this weekend. Wondering what there is to do besides traditional Valentine’s Day activities? Here are some events going on around town – do make sure you check that an event is still happening (because of weather interruptions) before you head out; it’s so unpredictable sometimes! Without further ado:

 Saturday, Feb 13

Westside Scavenger Hunt, 10 am – 2 pm, meet at Cookeville Depot

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead – 8 pm at CPAC (Cookeville Performing Arts Center), $15 admission

Try an Insanity or Zumba class at the Cane Creek Rec Center, only $3 a class!

Get out and about for an easy hike at Big South Fork as part of their Centennial Challenge:

  • Get Started on the Centennial Challenge and Hike with a Ranger along Middle Creek Loop Trail on Saturday, February 13th at 10 am (ET). Meet at the trailhead located on Divide Road for an easy to moderate 3.5-mile hike. The southern entrance to Divide Road is accessible from TN Hwy 154 just south of the Pickett State Park Boundary. Wear weather appropriate clothing. Hikers are encouraged to bring well-behaved dogs, however leashes are required.
  • Bandy Creek Visitor Center (423) 286-7275 or visit us at: www.nps.gov/biso Twitter@BigSouthForkNRR www.facebook.com/BigSouthForkNRRA

Or head on out to the Sutton General Store in Granville, TN for some good, ol’ fashioned southern supper and a show featuring the band, Valley Grass. Dinner starts at 6 pm.

And, last but not least – if you fancy a jaunt out to our neighbor Jackson County for some more good ol’ timey fun, check out Nate Dodson and the Newlyweds at The Little Opry in Gainesboro – 1625 Seven Knobs Rd. Admission is free, show starts at 6:30 pm!

Whether you go out or stay in, enjoy yourself and have a grand time. Cheers from everyone at Roland!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

What Should I Put in My Valentine’s Ad?

Advertising for Valentine’s Day can be tough, especially if your business doesn’t traditionally provide services or products that are “romantic.” In addition, it’s easy to get lost in the swirl of hearts, flowers, and chocolate adorning advertisements everywhere.

However, don’t be discouraged! With a little creativity and planning, you can create Valentine’s Day content that will get noticed. Here are a few ideas to help you advertise for Valentine’s Day:

  • No matter your industry, keep ad campaigns simple and easy to read and don’t use too many words or graphics. If you have specials, make sure they are listed front and center.
  • Consider using social media to specifically target an audience you want to appeal to – narrow it down to your ideal customer.
  • Collect stories, pictures, and video from your customers and give them a platform to share on; this builds community and opens up the door for more communication
  • Be creative and connect ads to things going on in your business to draw foot traffic
  • Don’t forget the single folks and others who aren’t into the traditional Valentine’s Day stuff – they are by and large forgotten and represent a significant market share

These ideas should get you started – if you are a Valentine’s Day veteran, what are some unique or tried-and-true ad campaigns you have used in the past?

Draw Real-Time Business with Your Digital Billboard


What if you were…

…a retailer that could advertise the need for an item based on the weather?

digital billboard


…a radio station that lets people driving by tune in to what’s playing now?

digital billboard cookeville


…a hospital that lets patients know they can see a doctor quickly?

digital billboard cookeville


…a mechanic that could let people know there isn’t much of a wait for an oil change?

digital billboard cookeville


…a business that wanted your social media efforts to go past personal screens onto a bigger screen?

digital billboard cookeville


a sports team or sports fan that wanted to let people know the score for a big game?

digital billboard cookeville


If any of the above looks or sounds intriguing, there’s good news. Thanks to the magic of the internet and forward-thinking product designers, companies like Watchfire Signs have programmed their digital billboards to support something called “dynamic content” – content that can change according to live feeds with customized information.

Instead of displaying the static image typical of outdoor advertising, technology now allows business owners to change up their advertising based on real-time conditions like the examples given above. You can communicate specific messages to your customers based on time, temperature, social media streams, countdowns for specific events, and more.

How could this change your advertising landscape? What can you dream up to tell your customers what you’re up to right now?

Take some time to ponder; we’re here to help you make it a reality.

Read more about digital billboards here.