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A Closer Look: MooreEyes of Sparta + Monterey

From the minute you walk into the MooreEyes office in Sparta, it feels cozy and warm. Butter yellow walls, molding, neat cases full of eyeglasses, and kind faces inquiring what you might need.


The business is owned and operated by a team of great women –

Shannon Shelley – owner and head doctor.

Amanda Kirk – associate doctor who runs the Monterey branch


Dr. Kirk on the left, Dr. Shelley on the right

Sarah Hood – office manager


Amy Johnson – head optician


We were able to sit down with Dr. Shelley as she gave us an inside look into her business:

What services do you provide?

We’re a full service family optometry practice. We see patients starting at 6 months old, all the way up to the elderly. Along with the standard eye exams and fittings, Dr. Kirk and I are very interested in the medical side of things for a full scope practice.


We examine patients to prevent and treat things like glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, and foreign objects in the eye.


Foreign objects? Can you elaborate?

Yes – we have lots of industrial workers in this area and it’s common for someone to get metal in their eye that needs to be removed. One time a guy came in and he had a nail bounce off of his eye and not go through it. You’d be surprised how tough the eyeball is.



Why did you decide to be an eye doctor?

I knew in the 10th grade – I guess you could say it’s a calling. I’m really interested in foreign mission work and providing eye care overseas.

Have you been on any overseas mission trips?

I’ve been to Honduras twice and Costa Rica once. The first time I went I was a student and helped pull teeth. I knew I didn’t want to be a dentist after that! I also assisted the eye doctor with fitting glasses, checking eye pressure. Lots of patients have untreated glaucoma. It’s easy to catch but they don’t have treatment so many go blind. It’s cool to be able to preserve someone’s eyesight.

How did the trips affect you?

The first time I went it changed everything. I realized how fortunate we are here. I had never seen poverty like that. Even being so poor, the people were happy with what they had. It makes me more grateful for what I have and makes me love my job even more.

We’ve recently done a RAM (remote area medical) clinic locally to help people with medical care. It’s amazing how much need we have in our own community. People come from everywhere and some sleep in their cars. It might be the only healthcare they will get the entire year.

How did you come to purchase the practice from Dr. Moore?

My husband was moved to Cookeville to be a pastor and I wanted to be in the area. I found an ad looking for a doctor and came to work at MooreEyes in 2008. Dr. Moore’s daughter, Amy, was ready to sell the practice after his passing, so I bought the practice that year.


Amy is still the head optician here; she’s been here for 40 years. She has been the heart of MooreEyes; if you ask someone about the practice, Amy Johnson is the one they think of. She’s the kindest, sweetest lady in the whole world.

How do you and Dr. Kirk know each other?

We went to school together at the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis. We always joked in school that we wanted to do something together and it worked out great!


When/why did you start the Monterey office?

We opened the Monterey office five years ago because we loved the people and saw that it was a small town with no eye care. We wanted to provide a quality service to the people and we wanted elderly patients to be able to travel a shorter distance to get what they need.

What sets you apart from other optometrist offices?

Dr. Kirk and I are very meticulous about eye care. We’re really focused on educating our patients and answering all of their questions. Quality, patience, and a family-centered atmosphere are very important to us. We want to run a practice that we would send ourselves and our families to for care.


Dr. Kirk is also residency-trained in low vision – she’s the only doctor in our area with that expertise.

Dr. Kirk, why did you become an eye doctor?

I’ve always liked science and the medical field. I was at TTU looking for direction and began researching different fields. Optometry seemed boring, but I found the school website and it just spoke to me. I felt like it’s what I was supposed to do.

I’ve been able to help people, be independent, and have a career. It’s just right for me and I love it; I’ve never second-guessed it.

Moore Eyes Monterey

Monterey office. Photo: MooreEyes

Anything else you want to share?


Dr. Moore started this practice 60 years ago and we’re trying to continue what he started. He was such a kind person and was always learning, always wanting to improve himself.


It feels like God has just said “this is the way it will be” with this practice and it really feels like He has been tending to us the whole time…we’ve been having fun with it!

Thank you so much ladies, for sharing so much about yourselves and your practice. Keep those eyeballs healthy!

MooreEyes Sparta is located at 25 N Main St in Sparta and their phone number is 931-836-2235.  They are open Mon – Fri, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm and Saturdays by appointment only.

MooreEyes Monterey is located at 209 E Commercial Avenue in Monterey and their phone number is 931-839-3837.

You can also find more information on their website.

For our readers, MooreEyes is sponsoring a giveaway – two brand new pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses!! One reader from Monterey and one reader from Sparta will be chosen.

Head over to our Facebook page and look for the MooreEyes Customer Highlight to enter!

Rules + Regulations:

The contest will run from Wed, May 04 – Wed, May 11, 2016. The winners will be announced on Thurs, May 12, 2016. 

No purchase necessary to win. Purchase does not increase chances of winning. 

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. By entering this contest, you completely release Facebook, Roland Digital Media, and MooreEyes Family Vision Center from all claims or actions relating to or arising from the same. You also acknowledge that this contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook.

Winners must live in Monterey, TN or Sparta, TN  or in a surrounding area in the same county. Winners are chosen at random and will be contacted via Facebook. If winner(s) cannot be contacted, is ineligible, or fails to claim the prize within 5 days from the time award notification was sent, the prize may be forfeited and an alternate winner selected. Employees and contractors of MooreEyes Family Vision Center and Roland Digital Media and family of employees and contractors of MooreEyes Family Vision Center and Roland Digital Media may not apply.

Your business has a face. The do’s & don’ts of logo design.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and not made the best first impression? Maybe you thought to yourself: I wish I could go back and try that again. Well, same goes for your company logo. It’s the first thing your potential customers see, and from it they form their own personal opinions and beliefs about your company. So what kind of reaction are they having to your logo? Is it a true reflection of your company and values? Do the colors convey an emotional bond between yourself and them?

Lets take a look at the dictionary definition of a logo:

graphic representation or symbol of company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.

A great logo should contain the following 4 characteristics:

  1. It should, in one quick glance, represent your companies essence and values.
  2. It should look good in black and white, color, as a tiny thumbnail or on a large billboard.
  3. Its colors should reflect the mood of your business. Is it calm and comforting or loud and exciting?
  4. It should be memorable. This is done by creating an emotional tie to the potential customer.

Examples of great logos:

Good Logos





Now how about some “Not so great” logos:

Bad Logos





One thing all of the great logos have in common is they were professionally done. That being said, don’t skimp on your logo. It’s the single most important design you will ever create for your company and the building block of all your future marketing. Why not create something great you will be proud to call your own. Something you will be proud to hand to a customer on a business card.

Already have a not-so-great logo? What can you do?

Don’t worry my fellow entrepreneurs and business people. There is hope. Many businesses and brands re-design their logos to keep them fresh and updated. Even McDonalds and Starbucks recently went through a rebranding. If you would like help creating or re-creating your company logo, get in touch with us through the contact page and we’d be glad to help!


All Logos used in this post are copyright of their respective owners. All rights reserved.


New Product: Dynamic Animal Advertising

We’re excited to launch our newest product line – Dynamic Animal Advertising!

Working with local farmers and animal shelters, we’ve designed a program that utilizes animals with the right demeanor to help advertise local business.

“We put an animal through several personality tests to make sure they’ll succeed,” says Dave Roland. “We want to make sure they won’t rip the signs off, eat them, or otherwise vandalize the look. They also need to be friendly and have a natural advertising mindset.”

It’s green, it’s organic, and it’s a great way to catch a customer’s attention.

Here are some options –

Traditional, easy to read, larger print for easy viewing –


A more rustic, action-oriented look, great for events (particularly petting zoos) –


You might want to try something a little more exotic, but still familiar –


And of course, a classic crowd favorite for Dynamic Animal Advertising – perfect for community events and gatherings –


Contact us for pricing and availability – our prices include animal boarding, feed, clean-up, grooming, custom sign design, and a certified handler for certain events.

These spots are limited and will go quickly, get in touch soon.

Oh, one last thing: Happy April Fools!! 🙂

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